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Ann-Marie Adams loves words, written and spoken. She has over two decades of experience in corporate communications, social networking, instruction, non-profit leadership, and advocacy. Her academic career in higher education has focused on the impact that evolving platforms of discourse have on communication. She currently serves as an adjunct professor teaching Journalism Law and Public Relations at Ithaca College.

Ms. Adams advocates for access and understanding across all populations as society fuses technology, science, and life. This passion led to being invited to a TEDx stage to make the case for bringing all people to the table in discussions about a future built in a digital environment. She sees literacy as a critical component to creating opportunity, both socially and economically and that young people must have access to resources and individuals in their local communities to aid their understanding of the world around them. 

She has published two creative projects that link directly to her love of words. Aquabet, reimagines the letters of the American alphabet as sea creatures. Word Strings: Pearls of Wisdom for Everyone, emphasizes the collective experience of sharing words to express emotion and to garner meaning in society. 

Ann-Marie relocated to the Lowcountry region in 2003 from upstate New York and resides in Port Royal, South Carolina to teach, write and porch sit.

Key Attributes: Communicator within and outside the organization. Politically savvy. Consensus builder. Mediator. Advocate for education and outreach. Able to anticipate problems and plan how to handle them. Familiar and comfortable with technology. Team player. Demonstrated leader. Chalkboard/Smart Board Enthusiast. Amateur Astronomer. Book Reviewer.


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Book: Word Strings: Pearls of Wisdom for Everyone


Available for: corporate retreat facilitation, employee workshops, video seminars, conference workshops, and change management conversations.


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